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¤In the Jingle-Jangle Morning I'll Come Following You...¤
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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
11:02 pm
Guess who's back?
Well after reading Miss Autumn's journal
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Well after reading <b>Miss Autumn's journal</b><lj-user="fall3203">, I was inspired to do some updating. This summer has been going good. It's weird though: although I am happy in my life right now, I sometimes wish it was last summer and I was just going to be a senior <b>now</b>. It was so much more carefree last summer. And now college is around the corner. I am sick of looking in my mail box and seeing yet MORE stuff from college. I want to enjoy my summer. AND to speak of it, summer is going way to fast for my liking. Especially when I factor out the 10 or so different days that I will be spending down at Duquesne for orientations and stuff. It's weird because I kind of don't want to have to go to college and be expected to make all kinds of new friends. I like the friends I have right now--I've said it before and I'll say it again. I dont know how to just start talking to people. Some of you who know me well may laugh at that, but it's how I feel. Whether I have need to actually worry about talking to people (yeh I am a blabbermouth) isn't probably my problem. I think I am just worry for the sake of worry because it's a new place and with new people. & Hopefully I will meet a nice college boy. I don't think that's too much to ask lol. In high school I like never put myself out there because I assumed everyone was assholes and I didn't give someone a chance. But I am for sure not gonna make that mistake again. Basically, I am gonna just start lettings things ebb and take it day by day and not worry about the future. Again, for those of you know me: this is not easy. I am a very stressed and high strung person. But at least my college schedule is good! Mostly no classes till like 11:00 :).</p>

So I am going to Myrtle Beach and to Philly this summer with some friends which I know will be an awesome time. Definitly looking forward to that...only bad thing is that its towards the end of summer, so it will be the one last hurrah before everyone goes their seperate ways (figuratively of course--I have every intention of keeping in touch with my close close friends that I love to death!)But what a way to end the summer! :)</p>
One bad thing is that I'm not going to any concerts (thus far) this summer! I love going to concerts! Damn it! Can't a good band come already! ANyone going to any--I don't even care if I liek the band? Cuz I'll go!
What else has happened? Damn this is a long and boring update but its my journal so who cares? Doubt anyone reads it anyway. If you do, leave me a comment and say hello! <b>*</b>Oh yeah, had my grad party. It was a good time, if I do say so myself. The highlight was my parents dancing [yeah right!]. To quote myself when I saw that going down--"Does anyone have a bullet that I can bite on?" =D
Well thats about all for now. Hope everyone is doing well! <3


Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
2:48 pm
How many times have
my wishes
and my dreams
and my prayers
for you
hidden beneath my breath?

How many times have I looked at you,
heart in my throat,
hands in my pockets,
a smile on my face,
just wanting to say...

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.

*/*I decided to take almost everyone I know off my friends list for now. Just a change of pace. I don't want everyone (people I like or dislike) I know reading this. */*
If you want me to add you to my friends list, leave a comment


Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
1:47 pm
good ol Chicago!--The ol' Windy City
Well well well..I thought I would give a little piece of my mind to all of you cool cats out there.

The trip to Chiacgo was great. It was boring the first day though. The museaums kind of sucked, but Holly and I decided to quit looking at the fish and go and make some new friends. I would say we talked to about 15 new people total. 1 of those included pot smoking brothers from Missouri. They informed us that they were in "5th grade", and had not showered in a few days. When we left they yelled that we had a "nice smile". Hm...not so sure I like a compliment from a scuzz bucket :P We then talked to a boy about 7 ft tall. "Mike" was definitly the cutest of them all though. Anyhoo, our hotel was about an hour and a half from anywhere we needed to go. Mario said it best when he said "We should have just stayed in the GreenTree Raddison." Speaking of bus rides, they went rather smoothly, in part thanks to our lovely renditions of "Hey Zana Ho", "I Will Always Love You," and the classic "I know I Can." When I got hit in the side of the head with a roll of toilet paper, then proceeded to give soem folks a piece of my mind. The bus driver was swerving all over teh road and had to back up down an Interstate though, so I was a wee bit more conerned with that. Whe na man can barely talk without mumbling, I am skeptical that he can operate a bus with 70 youngsters in it. Anyhoo, at the hotel, me and Holly literally RACED to go the hot tub, because we're cool kids like that. After being in there about 40 minutes and feeling that I might possibly go into cardiac arrest, we got out. Ltare, we wouldp lay "hot tub survivor" becaue it was a bit crowded. We decided we would all crimp our hair the next day, and I might add that we looked like poddles. But hey--tomato tomotoe. Next we had to go to some alleged dance clinic. We had a flamboyant, yet nice male instuctor who sported silky dance pants and capezios. Nice man, nice man.
We did a bunch of other stuff, but highlights were: LISTS. Another highlight was buying shoes at Bakers in Chiago that we could have gotten at the mall at Robinson anyway. We bought some shades too so that the paparazzi couldn't follow us :D Yet another high point was when we had someone knocking at our door at around 2:00 am for 20 minutes. Here the tape had come off of our door (so they know if you leave your room at night). Apparently ,some hotel hoodlums ripped it off. Anyway, a band director had to come and ssearch our rooms to make sure we were all there and no other people were in there.Next, we took a few snapshots of Mr. Lucey (a man that about 1/2 of the girls including some band mothers find to be a kind and nice looking 'gent.)
I indeed shed a tear or two (or 500) on the bus. I'm hard to believe it was my last trip ever. I mean I have been a 6 year band member, it's like been a big part of high school. I don't want to graduate--yeah even now. I was the one saying all along "I can't wait to get out of here." But now that I have less than 20 days of school left, I don't want to go.

Well leave a comment or two or IM me with some memoriesand I'll ad them :)


Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
4:23 pm
marchhhhhh madness
Well I'm back to do my weekly/monthy entry? :0

Everything has been going pretty good. Hectic, but good. I have *almost* caught up on everyone's journals...* Senior year is flying bye. This year has probably been the most crazy, because usually things were always soo calm with friends. But hey, you live you learn. People have changed in major ways...more power to them I guess. To quote myself: They do as they please and they're pleased to do what they do I guess. It's hard trying to keep up with school, because we have like 49 days or something like that left. Again, that's kind of crazy:0) And hard to believe...

I was thinking about 90210 today, because I came across soem quotes from there. One of the quotes was this:
"We do so with the certainty that we don't have the faintest idea what we're doing at all, which can be a very frightening prospect in a world; in a world where the boundaries of nations and the balance of nature can change over night.

Except that the years that we have spent at (West Beverly) have given us the foundation to face that future. We haven't just learned facts and figures, logic and reasoning skills, but we have learned the value of friendship, loyalty, & love which will not be diminished just because we may not end up together.

The memories that we have shared will not go away simply because we do. So even if the future does not always meet our expectations or the fates are cruel to us at times, no one can ever take away this moment from me. From me, from you, from any of us. No one can ever take away this moment in time."

'Night kiddies.

Current Mood: blah


Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
5:42 pm
Guess Who's Back...Back Again?
*Prepare this entry might be long..it's been awhile, yo!*
Ok, so I comlain about school like the next kid, but me and Elyse were talking today. Like, since summer we've all been saying "I can't wait for the first day of school." Then once that came it was, "I can't wait till Thanksgiving break." Yup, that came and went and then it was like "Ohh Christmas is coming!" Yeah, you guessed it--that's over now too. What's next? Why do we keep looking forward tothe next thing, and not enjoying what is happening now? I feel all nostalgic because I wish I could go back to the beginning of the year, and just like, took a snap shot of different moments in my memory. Enjoyed them. And I don't wanna graduate. Wow. Yeah, I said that. Sure, I wanna get out of CHS, but I'm so used to this schedule and yes, even the people. In a few months, everything is gonna be new again. And I'm gonna miss some of the people I actually consider true friends when they go off to college. Or even if they don't--I'll miss the bonds we have now, being able to see each other as often as we'd like.
Secondly, I read this thing on some website about howprospectiev students need higher credentials now and current teachers are going to have to keep taking classes and being tested to keep up with new advancements. I thin kthat's how it should be. That's the problem with this country: Everyone is a hypocrite. Teachers wanna give tests, but MOST of them would be oppessed to being tested themselves. I say: If you think you know your stuff, why mind havignto prove it? Just like doctors have to keep going to seminars to learn about new medicines and technology, TEACHERS who are supposed to be nurturing the youth of this country should have to do the same. I am not saying all teachers would be oppossed or would even need additional teaching, because alot of my teachers are goos. But the others? YEah, there is a diference between knowign what you're saying--if thats the case--and relaying it to students, etc.
Hmm..so yeah it was my 18th birthday this past week. Good times good times, but honestly I don't feel liek an "adult." Probably because-duh!- I'm stilll living under my parents roof, have no job, and get bossed by elders who say "respect your elders" instead of respecting teenagers too.
I'm gonna end this abruptly and go do some mucho needed homework :(

if you made it to the end of this--you rock! :P


Current Mood: contemplative


Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
6:50 pm
c'mon..you know you wanna read ;) (stolen from Britt!)
01. Full Birth Name: Sasha Ann West
02. Hair Color: dark dark brown
03. Eye Color: brown
04. Height: 5'4 1/2
05. Glasses/contacts: nope
06. Birthdate: February 9th--START SHOPPING YO! j/k :P
07. StarSign: Aquarius
08. Current Age: 17 and STILL no license :D
09. Siblings: None...to speak of
10. Siblings Age: none
11. Location: near Pittsburgh
12. College Plans: Duquesne Univ.
13. Any Piercings: 3 holes each ear

01. Best Friends: as of now-In no particular order: Brittany, Erich, & Ernie.. krista and ashlee even though we dont talk much ne more
02. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: oh who is it THIS week? lol, yeah.
03. Current Crush: George Clooney--does that count?
04. Hobbies: dancing, shoping, reading, movies, driving thru the local drive thrus!
06. Are You Center Of Attention Or Wallflower: center of attention--i try anyways ;)
07. What Type of Automobile Do You Drive: MWA HAHAH I have no license!
08. Are You Timely Or Always Late: in the mornings for school-late. Every other time, usually on time.
09. Do You Have A Job: nope
10. Do You Like Being Around People: yeah the people I like :)
01. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: of course.
02. Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: yeah....
03. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: not really but I tend to liek darker haired guys..just an observation
04. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: maybe
05. Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: not really
06. Are You Lonely Right Now: no cuz I have my friends! <3
07. Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: umm im not to worried about it...
08. Do You Want To Get Married: yes!
09. Do You Want Kids: yes! 1 or 2

01. Room In house: My room
02. Type of music: i listen to anything and everything
03. Song: all time faves: "The Way You Make Me Feel"~MJ, "Stand by Me," "Bed of Roses," and newest ones "These Days", "Fall Into Me"
04. Memory: I have a few, so bare with me..Toronto! Everyone got along so well, for a change. New Years 2002 and 2003. FBLA!! SLW with Krista, English class last year, the first AP student forum and then going to "the Edge", Ash's sleepover @ her house, the first gym sleepover, calling Brett and Jeff, "I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE" playing ALL DAY
05. Day Of The Week: umm Friday
06. Color: pink
07. Perfume Or Cologne: "Glow" by Jlo and Clinique "Happy"
08. Flour: ya mean FLOWER? white roses
09. Month: July
10. Season: oddly enough, WINTER
11. Place on body to be kissed: mouth--yeah, I'm generic
12. Location for dates: Doesn't matter as long as it's fun

01. Cried: yes--PMS (like you wanted to know)
02. Bought Something: yeah, dance makeup
03. Gotten Sick: nope
04. Sang: in the shower..wouldnt want to make anyone's ears bleed by hearing me haha
05. Said I Love You: yes! to a few people :) and i meant it too
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: yes
07. Met Someone New: nopers
08. Moved On: yes, actually
09. Talked To Someone:of course
10. Had A Serious Talk: yeah
11. Missed Someone: yes
12. Hugged Someone: yes my mom
13. Kissed Someone: nope
14. Fought With Your Parents: not really--shocker!
15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: i don't dream i snore!
16. Had a lot of sleep: yesterday..fell asleep @ 6:00 ish


Friday, December 20th, 2002
1:01 pm
X-Mas Break!
FINALLY! We had a talent show today. The dance team did awesome :) I don't care if anyone says it, I know we did good. Of course some people will be critical like they always are, as if they spend time practicing something. And we haven't even started "practice" practice for it yet.

I don't know if I'll update till after break--its gonna be busy. I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR!

A little reminder about how good we have it.

The following is something to ponder.............. If you woke up this morning with more health than illness...you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week.

If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation ... you are ahead of 500 million people in the world.

If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death...you are more blessed than three billion people in the world.

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep...you are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace...you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

If your parents are still alive and still married...you are very rare, even in the United States and Canada.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful...you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.

*Things to be Thankful For*

If you can hold someone's hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder...you are blessed because you can offer healing touch.

If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing in that someone was thinking of you, and furthermore, you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world that cannot read at all.

Have a good day, count your blessings, and pass this along to remind everyone else how blessed we all are.


Monday, December 16th, 2002
6:17 pm
Some people have been asking to see my pic--here it is. Not the best quality, my hair is in a scurry ponytail, and the light in the pic makes my hair look 10 diff colors not to MENTION how the pic is all sized crazy...but what the hell? :D


12:28 pm
Sleigh Bells Ring...are ya listnin'?
Wow Christmas is reallly really close. I didn't realize!

So this week should be 0.K. I don't have tooo too much to do. An Eng test on "Death of a Salesman" & "A Streetcar Named Desire." They were easy so that shouldn't be too bad. And NOOOOOOOOOOO paper for English! yay that made my week :) And the Bio isn't due either until after break apparently.

Tommorrow the Interact Club is apparently going to sing some carols to the good ol' Rotary Club. This should be good considering I didn't even make chorus in 6th grade when they lt almost EVERYONE in! Haha, ah well It'll get me out of some school.

Now ,Friday is the high school "talent show." You heard right--a TWO hour talent show! And guess who is in it? MOI! I am in it with the dance team, we were kind of told we are doing it, so yeah. We're up first so I'll get it over with. I'm in the back anyway for most of it because I'm one of the "taller girls" (yeah 5'4 1/2 is tall compared to 9th graders I guess..sheesh!)

Well....I guess I'm done for this entry..gotta go finish watching "Change of Heart" =D

L E A V E * M E * C O M M E N T S :):):)


Sunday, December 15th, 2002
1:42 pm
Vicksburgh in the Picksburgh!
Well folks, I'm back with more stories to make your web surfing all the more enjoyable with my unsurpassed whit and charisma!

Anyhoo, myself, Erich, Ernie, and Missy indeed attempted to go to the Bridgeville Roller Rink this past Friday. Now, anyone who has ever been there can tell ya that it is a FIRST CLASS establishment. JUST BECAUSE the floor is made of 10 different types of graded plastic, therte is orange pop spilled everywhere, the skates are filled with mildew, and the paint is peeling offof teh walls--butI assure you the atmosphere is WONDERFUL! HAHA whoam I kidding? it SUCKED lol.

^ ok ,wait JUST A SECOND..I had to go into my livign room because the ENTIRE X-mas tree just fell over because my cat jumped into it. And I assure you that its a full size X-mas tree! sheesh!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna sign off for now..this house is chaos! :D

Current Mood: surprised


Saturday, December 14th, 2002
11:30 pm
Ok..another one :)
I keep finding these really good ones:

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.

Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to McDonald's makes you a hamburger.

Real friends are those who, when you feel you've made a fool of yourself, don't feel you've done a permanent job.

A coincidence is when God performs a miracle, and decides to remain anonymous.

Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.

I don't have to attend every argument I'm invited to.

Lead your life so you won't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.

People gather bundles of sticks to build bridges they never cross.

Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond to it.

Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep. ..I liked that one!

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. & this one!

There are two things I've learned: There is a God. And I'm not Him. yep, this one too

Follow the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and people crooked.

Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God's grace.

The most powerful force in the universe is: gossip.


10:13 am
A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and clean.

A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed.
A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about their problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it.

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. A real friend expects to always be there for you

Current Mood: thoughtful


Thursday, December 12th, 2002
3:17 pm
brilliant! =P
I just came to the realization that I have been one pissed biotch lately. And for what? Anyone I'm pised at probbaly doesn't even know, and any situations I'm pissed at aren't getting better BY my being pissed. Now, my close friends have probably heard me complain, but not even near as miserable as I have been feeling the past...week actually. Everyone else prob. thinks everything is hunkie doorie. This week of school has got me in the slumps. But I'm chaning it around... now! I'm just gonan gowith the flow from now on, relax a little, and see what happens. It'll be my new years resolution--the first I have ever made! =)

I will now leave you all with a quote:
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"
~Dr. Seuss

-& now off to the mall with ash + ei =)

Current Mood: contemplative


Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
1:34 pm
Just Another Manic....Wednesday!
**SNOW DAY TODAY!!** Even though I was fully dressed and ready to go to school, (because my school couldn't put up that we had a delay until the LAST minute!) What are the chances of another tommorrow? :) Doubtful. I really hate school all of a sudden. Senioritis at it's worst, right hurr. :P

So what did I do today? Glad you asked! I went to the mall and other places con mi madre. I put an eyeshadow thing and necklace @ American Eagle. :):)I have been wanting the necklace for awhile for some reason. It's a beady thing. I'm sure I'll get some comments on it at school, because people at CHS can have no class at times. Hmmp! ;)

Anyways, the real reason I wrote this here entry was because I stumbled across THIS quote [I got it off punk_is_so_dead who got it off of whiteburgundy. It is probbaly one of the most ingenious quotesever, because it totally summarizes how I feel about [some]people.

"If you don't like someone, the way he/she holds his spoon will make you furious; if you do like him, he can turn his plate over into your lap and you won't mind."

Current Mood: awake


Sunday, December 8th, 2002
5:13 pm
Just some HiGhLiGhTs*
[for the factual version see lilshortei's version.

King's: We indeed traveled to "King's--a nice FaMiLy restaurant! We in fact did manage to almost get kicked out by Thomas, the new waiter. He said he was getting "complaints" about how loud we were being. *Now, surely you jest. It is a FAMILY, I repeat FAMILY restaurant, we were simplyl etting the good times roll! What was the problem? However, we got to see our fave waitress, Dee, so all was well with the world. On the way out of the place, I yelled "DON'T WORRY--WE're LEAVING!!" Then we proceeded to circle the parking lot while laying on the car horn for a few minutes :p

Now ^ this didn't even scratch the surface of the night. After this, we traveled to Club Basemont and watched some tv. After THAT, we decided to go to Eat 'n Park. King's had just NOT satisfied our craving for a family restairant that night, let me tell you! As soon as we walked in, the good times began to indeed roll. Apparently we were invisable, because for the life of us, we could not get seated. Once we did get seated, we were put way back in some section where no one else was seated. It took us forever to order,and I do believe our waitress was NOT amused by our shananigans. Erich acted like he had Torettes-syndrome for awhile [that was hilarious :):)might I add..] Our order was a sticky bun, a piece of pie of the month, and some stickies ala mode. Well, ladies and gents--THEY WERE OUT OF THE PIE OF THE MONTH!! C'mon now! Anyway, I must also add that the beverages were not really ICE COLD AND--yes AND--!!--there was stuff floating artound in the drinks. Hmmm! Erich then wondered how much one piece of bacon cost from the Midnight buff-et. We explained to our waitress that everytime he came to a family restaurant he liked to get ONE grilles sticky (for LESS than .92 cents) and ONCE piece of bacon. She was not, however, buying the story we were selling. But he ended up with the single slice of "pig's ass" anyway! lol. We also ran into some local CHS people--even though it was like 2:30 am--lol. Another highlight was when Ernie's sister walked in, started cussin liek a sailor, and the waitress told her to sit down and stuff. HAHA. Lol. This is made all the more funny because we also ran into her last time we were at King's. After this, we decided to lace up our tennies and put the penny in our loafers and HIT THE ROAD JACK!

Now...we also almost got int oa fist fight at Applebee's the day before but thats a horse of a different color, so to speak. :P

This concludes the entry!

Current Mood: giddy


Saturday, December 7th, 2002
12:43 pm
I finally fixed the date/time thing on my entries [well not past entries but from now on the date will be right ;) ]

I'm bored... I addedsome new people to my Friend's list though :) I need to go X-Mas shopping soon. I FiNaLlY know what I'm getting EVERYONE on my list!!!

^this entry was pointless, but thats ok.

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Friday, December 6th, 2002
1:53 pm
stolen from star3girl's friend, mommydearest!
1. Never give yourself a haircut after three margaritas.
2. You need only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it
use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use duck tape.
3. The five most essential words for a healthy, vital relationship are 'I apologize'and 'you are right'
4. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.
5. Never pass up an opportunity to pee.
6. If he/she says that you are too good for him/her -- believe them.
7. Learn to pick your battles; ask yourself, 'Will this matter one year from now? How about one month? One week? One day?'
8. When you make a mistake, make amends immediately. It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm.
9. If you woke up breathing, Congratulations! You have another chance!
10. Living well really is the best revenge. Being miserable because of a bad or former relationship just might mean that the other person was right about you.
11. Work is good, but it's not that important. Money is nice, but you can't take it with you. Statistics show most people don't live to spend all they saved; some die even before they retire. Anything we have isn't really ours; it was given to us by God; He just let's us borrow it while we're here....even our kids.
12. And finally... Be really good to your family and/or friends. You never know when you are going to need them to empty your bedpan.


12:59 pm
Well today was a very good day [so far!] I wasn't at school most of the day b/c we went to the old folks home for student forum. It was a little depressing at first (some of these people don't even remember who they are), but talking to them made me feel good. And the one woman was sooo funny. It was time well spent. Then we went to Wedny's and didn't get back to good ole' CHS till 8th period. Niceeee.

Yeah, I'm bored waiting around till people get home so I can talk about tonight's plans. So I'm making a list of my top "5's" (as if anyone cares! hah! Yeh, oh well.) :P

Top 5 Movies :
1. "Good Will Hunting"
2. "Dirty Dancing"
3. "Stepmom"
4. "Hope Floats"
5. "Pretty Woman"

Top 5 Songs of all time! :
1. "Tinydancer" ~Elton John
2. "Scar Tissue"~RHCP
3. "The Way You Make Me Feel" ~Michael Jackson
4. "Run Around"~ Blues Traveler
5. "Hey Jealousy"~Gin Blossoms

Top 5 TV Shows :
1. Beverly Hills, 90210
2. Saved by the Bell
3. Roesanne
4. Full House
5. Party of Five

*I wanted to do Top 5 lyrics/ quotes, but I couldn't narrow it down to 5.

ok...this is old. I'm done! =)

Feel free to comment with your faves! :D

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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
5:42 pm
Semi-Charmed Life...
Day 2 of my writing streak! Had dance practice today. We are indeed in the SCHOOL talent show lol. Hopefully, we can pull it together by then. *fingers crossed* It's to Madonna songs this year, so thats cool.

So today kinda sucked. I don't really know why--it was just one of those days where alot of little stuff (that wouldn't have mattered by itself) added up. Tommorow will be better I'm sure.

I still have to do ALL, yes ALL of my X-mas shopping. I have't done any at all yet! I can't believe it's December. Like, years ago I would have been counting down the days to X-mas by now, and yet at the moment it seems like Christmas is still far off. <random thoughts! More random thoughts..I wish we had like, a winter dance or something. I feel like getting a dress and all that jazz. But nope, our school doesn't have one. Well, that's all for now. Gotta go finish reading what I have to of "A Streetcar Named Desire" for tommorrow. It's actually not that bad. <3, Sasha

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Monday, December 2nd, 2002
6:11 pm
I am indeed ...back! Yes, due to various requests, I have decided to start this thing up again. Apparently my wit and charisma that shows up in my writing on here is unparalelled. :P LOL. I'll stop now with the bs...

Seriously though. I don't feel like going to school tommorrow. Breaks fly by faster and faster everytime. I indeed only had alleged "turkey homework" (as some people apparently like to call it)for Bio so that was a plus. I did alot of stuff during the days of, some highlights were indeed going to Hard Rock..I mean Houhlihans for Kendra's birthday. I also went clubbin in CLUB BASEMONT! And played a rousing game of "Rummykub" I might add =) Good times, good times. The group had a slight (less than 24 hour) hiatus, but all was restored.

I really need to decide where to goto college too. It's between Pitt and Duquesne. We'll see, I guess. Ang, akastar3girl, knows about all this college stress too! Hope everything is working out for ya!

Senior year is going by fast too. I am happy with it, there is nothing I regret so far in the year.


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